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The Screening Process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • You will disrobe according to screening type and will be behind a privacy screen for 10-15 minutes so your body can acclimate to room temperature of 68-72 degrees. This creates a "thermal steady state".During this time the necessary forms can be filled out.

  • The technician will view and capture the live thermal images on a computer  and will be asking you to move in different positions throughout the screening process.

The Screening Process

Step 4

Images will be forwarded to ACCT (American College Of Clinical Thermology) board certified doctors for interpretation and preparation of the thermographic report.

Step 5

The report will be available generally within 2 business days, unless required sooner for an additional fee. The report will be emailed to the client and/or the clients doctor per request.


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