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5 Reasons To Consider Thermography For Your Next Breast Screening

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

1. No pain! Breast thermography is non invasive and there is no compression involved. It is a touch free imaging procedure that has been FDA approved since 1982 as an adjunct screening method to aid in the early detection of breast cancer.

2. It's safe! Breast thermography is a radiation

free imaging procedure. Some people worry about the exposure to even the smallest amount of radiation. With thermography screening there is no need to worry and the procedure can be done as often as one would like.

3. It's accurate. When used as a routine screening tool, thermography is incredibly accurate.

4. Great for the young and women with implants. Younger women tend to have denser breast tissue. Dense breast tissue can look light gray or white on a mammogram, making the mammogram harder to read. Since younger women tend to have denser breasts than older women, their mammograms can be harder to read. Thermography doesn’t identify fibrocystic tissue, breast implants, or scars as needing further investigation. There is no fear of rupturing breast implants with thermography because it is a non-invasive screening.

5. It's Proactive. The use of computerized medical infrared imaging for breast cancer detection, diagnosis, and as a high risk and prognostic indicator leads to both earlier detection of breast cancer and increases the overall survival of breast cancer patients.

Robert Elliot, M.D., Ph.D.Comprehensive Breast Care Specialist, Founder and Director - EEH Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Center, President - American Mastology Association

"Before a breast tumor forms, new blood vessels will start to grow into the area. But they are not normal blood vessels. They grow in abnormal patterns and produce an abnormal amount of heat. Thermograms are safe, harmless infrared pictures of the breast that can pick up these abnormal physiological blood vessel and heat patterns as early as five to ten years before a tumor grows to the point where it can be detected by a mammogram, MRI, or ultrasound or felt by a physical exam. What is most exciting is that when these abnormal processes are caught this early, they are reversible. The warning patterns seen by thermography have been found to resolve and return to normal after only a few short months of the healthy diet and lifestyle changes and dietary supplements. Thus, thermography is the first technology we have that shows promise as a screening tool that can help prevent breast cancer and end the breast cancer epidemic.”

Christiane Horner, M.D. a nationally recognized surgeon who authored Waking the Warrior Goddess, a book dedicated to helping women protect against and fight breast cancer.

Early Detection Saves Lives. Be ProActive. Schedule Your Appointment Today.


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