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About Debbie

Debbie while living the majority of her adult life in the beautiful Pacific NW spent her younger years in Europe. She is a wife and very proud mom of her two grown daughters. She loves time together with family, exploring outdoor adventures, traveling, making new friends and gardening.

An entrepreneur since her early 20's she has always loved working for herself and helping her clients achieve their goals with dedication and passion.

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Through her life's journey she has become a health detective for herself to resolve chronic issues and mystery pain.  During this process she fell in love with how miraculous the body is and it's potential to heal when given the proper nourishment and care. Especially in the early stages of dis-ease.

Debbie believes that being proactive and learning early on where complications are developing will encourage her clients to make health changes long before actual signs and symptoms may occur.

Her personal experience with having family and friends diagnosed with breast cancer compelled her to search for answers. This is when she discovered  thermography being used for early breast cancer detection along with other screening modalities. Debbie is passionate about educating people regarding the benefits of thermography and it's helpful application for early disease detection allowing for lifestyle and dietary changes to save lives.


Since most cancer tumors take years to grow, the earlier it can be detected the more possibility there is of a positive treatment outcome. Debbie's hope is that through partnering with doctors, and educating the public about the use of thermography it will become a viable option for everyone searching for early screening options. She received her CTT certification from the American College of Clinical Thermology, ACCT and has successfully completed her Health Coaching Certificate thru The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, IIN.

Early Detection Really Does Saves Lives

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